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Trial Stay Will Change Your Mind

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Western Hills Retirement Village

Good news....we're offering this special invitation to you or your family member!

We would love to have you as a guest to enjoy a trial stay in a furnished apartment! Enjoy daily activities, live entertainment, chef prepared meals every day, housekeeping, and our gift shop complete with an ice cream stand. Mass is available in our on-site chapel with Father Harry, our own resident priest.

Guests and family members can come in to visit and know you're in a safe environment with our staff looking over you. You'll feel right at home and will soon see how enjoyable retirement living can be!

There is no minimum or maximum amount of days you need to stay. Stay as along as you like, for just $100 a night in a furnished apartment while enjoying all the amenities and services.*

*$100 per night includes fully furnished apartment. meals, cleaning and services. There are no minimum or maximum days. Stay as long as you like! Some restrictions may apply. Candidates must be interested in moving, meet our age & monetary requirements

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